Ron Daley shows Pass Christian's vitality as gaining strength and momentum

August 2009

Municipal Complex -- City Hall - Court - Library

Trinity Church  
Blue Rose
French Charley's

Pass Harbor and First Baptist Church -- Jan 2009

Pass Harbor Gas and Marina
City Hall and Library sites -- Dec 2008
Inn by the Sea
Loesch Residence -- Before and After

January -- February 2008
The Harbor
The Catholic School
Mayor Chip McDermott and Senator Wicker

November -- December 2007

September -- October 2007
Billy Bourdin Plumbing at left --- BP Station and Convenience at right
Coast Eye Care at left --- First Baptist Church at right
Hancock Bank at left --- Peoples Bank at right
Rusty Pelican at left --- Shaggy's at right
Middle School Ground Breaking -- more at:
Congratulations to Chipper, the aldermen, the school board -- and to the Community

The Harbor is again with boat traffic
Cruisin' the Coast is back at the Pass

August 2007
Robin at Left and Mayor Chipper at Right with aldermen and guests

Celebration in the Park

Park at left above -- new British Petroleum station being reconstructed at above Right
Shaggy's at the Harbor --- near and far

The Demolished City Hall built after Hurricane Camille will be the site for the new City Hall following Katrina
Public Library in back ground will also be reconstructed.

July 2007

June 2007 Photos by Ron Daley

Shaggie's at the Harbor

April 2007 Photos by Ron Daley

Blessing of the Fleet -- 2007

Blue Rose and Harbor at left --- Owner Phil Lagraize with Jerry Lawson at right

Blue Rose Comes Blooming Back thanks to Phil's persistence

Second and DeMetz at left --- Saucier Ave on right

Hancock Bank and Annex at left --- Saucier Ave on right

March 2007 Photos

St. Paddy Celebration at Kimball's

Volunteers do clean-up work

Bay Bridge --- Gazebo gets paint job

West Beach at Magnolia ----- Rear of Blue Rose

Harbor Clean Up

February 2007 Photos

Throw Me Something?

Chris Wilson on Second St -- New Condos advertised west of former Rusty Pelican site

Kimball's at  Left -- Strange looking on Right

Scenic at Hackett Lane and at Seal on Right

January 2007 Photos

Second off Davis - Bourdin House with Black Roof --- 403 E Beach renovations at right

Mother of Mercy being refurbished

309 E Scenic "Steiner" renovations --- Lucio's coming back on Davis

Family Dollar Expands -- New Pass Marianne Condos Expands

Bay Bridge expanding and Pass Marianne Condos expansion is no small change

December 2006 Photos
Scenic West at left --- Fleitas Ave at right
Saucier Street at left --- Second Street at right

West Harbor at left --- East Harbor at right

Christmas in the Pass --- 2006

The Park and its views

November 2006 Photos
At Left:  Mr Ladner's house located on St. Paul off Second St. was the only structure standing in the area after the storm. Along with his house you see a yellow one on Second Street and there's another a little north of him on his street. He told me today the water was twentyfive feet deep there in his yard giving his house a good dunking. He started working to get it back a day after the storm while the city officials were trying to decide new codes. (he was working)  At Right is Lucio's future Mexican Restaurant.

Ice House is being made ready as house off Second St. on Swanson.

Bay St Louis Ferry --- Aboard Ship

St. Stanislaus at Left --- Our Lady of the Gulf at right

Hancock Bank Annex Under new construction? --- Right -- Paving and new House at Second & StPaul.

October 2006 Photos

Katrina Kitchen is Gone --- Casino at Bayou Caddy is on the way Up!

Pet Care at St. Louis off Henderson Ave.

Sept Photos

School site at left and Trinity Pumpkin Patch at right
Buildings and houses going up on Second Street

Sept 15 Photos

Future Lucio's TexMex and Southern Print at Left --- Steve Kohl's on Scenic at Right

Faith in Believers - - - - and Believers who Rise Again

City Hall gets Slabbed

Boston College Grads continue to make Recovery a Reality.

Ladner making repairs at the Harbor -- St Paul Street cleaned up

The Wayne Ford House on Market St --- September 5, 2006
Funding from Naperville, Illinois and work by Menonites
Another Rotarian Project

Robin Roberts at War Memorial Park -- one year later -- Aug 29, 2006

 Mr. Isabelle's modular home goes up in one day on Second Street between Fleitas and Seal -- Aug 29,

Farrell's Community Market on Davis & 2nd streets disappears --- Aug. 26

Going-Up! ---  at Woodman and East Second Street --- Aug 25
August 22, 2006 -- Swearing In for Chipper McDermott, Mayor

August 14 thru 16, 2006

Mother of Mercy and Neighbors

Lft- 416 E2nd - Hauled it in by truck -- up in hours.                          Rt - House on St Paul across from Persevere

The Reese's of Timber Ridge plant their Flag on their Bayou Compound

August 7- 11, 2006
Henderson Point behind Malini's

Henderson Point --- Annie's coming back strong!

The Jenkin's brothers hard at work building Perry's new abode behind Our Mother of Mercy Church

Some folks learn to live-it-up in a Trailer -- Aug 4

The Group at Kimball's show off and have a Ball -- Aug 3

"The Doubisson House"
Courtesy of Sister City Naperville and the Mennonites

Wayne Ford's Market Street home is coming along -- Aug 2

Sandblasting the Ice Storage in the harbor --- July 28

Our Mother of Mercy survives to be able to celebrate its 100th Anniversary.
As completed on March 5, 1911, it remains as the Coast's only unchanged extant church,

West End Pass Christian revives one of three surviving homes -- with new pier addition

New Hampshire youth do their part -- July 21, 2006

Cleaning weeds, pruning trees

Sawing the Fallen Big Oaks

Cleaning Cemeteries

Davis Ave New Look!

The Dubuisson house on Second Street --- compliments of The Rotary Club,The Mennonite's,
and Naperville, Illinois Funding.

Kimball's -- July 17, 2006 -- Seafood is Plentiful !!!             The Harbor -- fronting the Blue Rose -- July 17, 2006

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